Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Director - Azmi

Completing his Bachelor in Art & Design at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in 1998. He landing his first task as a Graphic Designer at Sparton, a publication company in Bangsar. Sparkton give him a general knowledges in printing, publication and publishing industries.

His advancing his career moves at World Communication Network, a full fledge advertising agency as a Senior Designer. Worldcomm give him an opportunity to spread his design skills where he’s involve in concept and ideas as well as finish artwork that show his detailing skills. Worldcomm give him an opportunity to work with clients alongside with the art director. Some well known clients are Maybank, Arab Malaysian (Ambank) and PNB.

Azmi further his career with Destination East Sdn Bhd an international travel destination management company under Pacific World Network. Pacific World is the leading destination management company in Asia, with a network of 19 offices in eight countries giving him a chance to experience the events including meetings, incentive travel programmes, congresses, CSR activities, and even luxury individual travel itineraries. Pacific World demonstrates the art of Asian management destination management that require his art and design skills to support the events. This give him a wide experience dealing with international peoples and companies.

After leaving Destination East on an economic downturn in travel industries, he joint Bloomingdale Advertising as a guest Art Director. This experience provide him his managerial and management skills up to a test. His job are on project basis basically on printed material sucah as print ad, poster, annual report and brochures. This job exposed him to a real advertising industries where he get a great experience with few companies like Modenas and Perbadanan Putrajaya.

In 2003 he join Eranet Advertising & Publication Sdn Bhd as an Art Director. Eranet giving him a dream team that he wish for an agency. Dealing with clients like PKNS, BTP, UPM and Putrajaya give him a great experience to lay all his skills in design, concept, ideas an management.

to advanced his career, he join Grafik Artistik Sdn Bhd a wing company of Xpress Media a printing company based in Singapore. At Grafik Artistik his task was to develop the company creative & business plan. Oversee the creative brief and design. His also doing the marketing and sales for the company plus servicing. Its almost doing all the thing to develop this new company.

After a long thinking, he left Grafik Artistik an form a new design agency Yellow Ant Communications. currently running a design house mostly doing advertising and promotion design. Yellow Ant Communications was established earlier in 1999, and was registered as a company in middle of 2003 and re-registered in 2007 until now.

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